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 44 arguments infondes contre la medicine scientifique, Sciences et pseudo-science, No. 311, Jan. 2015.


The Bitter Pill column in Australasian Science:

Dec 2014: Everything You've Heard about Acupuncture Is Wrong  http://www.australasianscience.com.au/article/issue-december-2014/everything-you%E2%80%99ve-heard-about-acupuncture-wrong.html

Jan 2015: Evidence for Acupuncture: What Do Scientific Studies Show? http://www.australasianscience.com.au/article/issue-januaryfebruary-2015/evidence-acupuncture-what-do-scientific-studies-show.html 


Chiropractic Adjustments Can Cause Strokes, chapter in Perspectives on Diseases and Disorders: Stroke, Gale, ed. Arthur Gillard, Greenhaven Press 2012, p. 74-80.


CAM for cancer: preying on desperate people? Progress in Palliative Care 2012; 20(5) 295-9  


"Effectiveness of Glucosamine and Chondroitin for Osteoarthritis", American Family Physician 2012 Dec 1; 86(11)994-8


"Acupuncture's Claims Punctured: Not Proven Effective for Pain, Not Harmless" Pain.2011 Apr; 152(4): 711-12


"More Evidence of Green Tea's Effectiveness is Needed" American Family Physician 2010 July 1: 82(1):17

"Setting the Record Straight about Science and Longevity", Skeptical Briefs, 21:1, Spring 2011, p. 4-5.


An article I wrote appears as a chapter in this book in the Opposing Viewpoints Series: The Aging Population, ed. Katherine Swarts


"Colon Cleansing" interview on Curiosity Aroused 


"Science-Based Medicine" Interview on For Good Reason. http://www.forgoodreason.org/harriet_hall_science_based_medicine

Video of Anti-Anti-Vax panel presentation at The Amazing Meeting 7, Las Vegas, July 2009

Presentation to Skeptic's Toolbox Aug 7, 2009.  Tooth Fairy Science and Other Pitfalls: Applying Rigorous Science to Messy Medicine

Interview on The Reality Check podcast # 49

D.D. Palmer Chastises SkepDoc from Beyond the Grave


Interview on Skepticality podcast. 10 June 2008. http://skepticality.libsyn.com/index.php?post_id=348376

Two of my articles from Skeptical Inquirer are included in the book Science Under Siege: Defending Science, Exposing Pseudoscience, ed. by Kendrick Frazier, Amherst: Prometheus, 2009.

Cholesterol Clarifications. Skeptical Briefs, Vol. 18, No. 2, June 2008. p. 1-2.

El oxígeno es bueno... aun cuando no está. 
Pensar. Vol. 1, No. 2. Apr-Jun 2004. p. 16-18. http://www.pensar.org/2004-02-oxigeno.html

Coffee Enemas: A Latte Nonsense http://www.geocities.com/healthbase/coffee_enemas_hall.html

Frequent contributions to the James Randi Educational Foundation "Swift" at http://www.randi.org/site/



Puncturing the Acupuncture Myth - eSkeptic, Oct 8, 2008.


Bioidentical Hormones - eSkeptic, Aug 15, 2007


My article "Power Balance Products: A Skeptical Look" is included in the book Pseudoscience and Deception: The Smoke and Mirrors of Paranormal Claims edited by Bryan Farha, University Press of America, 2014.