Un testimonio decepcionante sobre la crioterapia de cuerpo entero

[This article is also available in English. Thanks to Pensar for the Spanish translation] Como suscriptora del Reader’s Digest desde hace mucho tiempo, me encantan los chistes y disfruto de las historias, pero no confío en sus incursiones en la ciencia. Me molestó particularmente la sección “Lo probé” sobre crioterapia de cuerpo entero (CCE) en el último

Cryotherapy: A Layman’s Attempt to Understand the Science

[Este artículo está disponible en español. La traducción al español apareció por primera vez en la revista Pensar.] NOTE: I get a lot of emails asking me whether treatment X is evidence-based or a scam. This one was different. Zachary Hoffman had done his homework and had already answered the question for himself (at least,

Wishing Away Warts

Common warts (verruca vulgaris) are more of a nuisance than a serious health problem, but they are interesting. There is a whole mythology surrounding their cause (touching toads?) and treatment (everything from banana peels to vitamin C).  Many people believe they can be made to vanish by suggestion or hypnosis. I used to believe that

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